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Monday, 09th November, 2020, 04:40pm

ISO 27001 is a Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certificate (CMMC). This standard is mainly designed for defense organizations. ISO/IEC 27001 2013 (latest version of ISO 27001) is one of the famous international standards of ISO(International Organization for Standardization). It is used for handling threats and protecting the information you give your organization.

Friday, 06th November, 2020, 10:42am

Are you looking for ISO Certification Renewal? Then you're in the right place. We will provide a brief on the ISO certificate renewal process in this blog.

Wednesday, 04th November, 2020, 05:55pm

A set of standard elements that will help you in applying a Quality Management System ( QMS) are given by the ISO 9001 requirements. The specifications are meant to refer to any organization in any industry, whether based on manufacturing and operation, and as such the requirements inform you what elements are mandatory in a QMS, but not how these essential elements will be applied.

Wednesday, 28th October, 2020, 01:23am

Many benefits of ISO certification. Every businessman or trader still has a dream of expanding the company and gaining the trust of his / her clients. The company is focused primarily on client trust that can be directly connected to its Quality Management System ( QMS). The International Standardization Organization ( ISO) is an international non-governmental body composed of 162 member countries. It is a general standard that, regardless of its scale, is applicable to all organizations. If the firm wishes to tender for public sector work, ISO certification is mandatory.

Monday, 19th October, 2020, 12:50am

ISO 9001 is an international standard to describe a quality management system (QMS). It outlines different criteria (or standards) for identifying concepts of quality management, such as customer focus, maximizing organizational leadership and management, enhancing and fine-tuning internal processes, and general methods of continuous improvement.

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