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GMP Certification - Apply for Portal GMP

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All About Good Manufacturing Practices

GMP (Good manufacturing practice) is a method to ensure that the product is consistently manufactured and tested according to the quality requirements. It is designed to reduce the risks associated with foods, cosmetics that cannot be avoided by evaluating the finished product.


What is Good Manufacturing Practices?

GMP is a set of principles and procedures that are followed by the manufactures to ensure that the products are consistently manufactured as per the specifications. Good Manufacturing Practices is a system that certifies manufacturing products, like food and beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements, and medical devices are consistently produced and controlled according to set quality standards.

What is Current Good Manufacturing Practices

CGMP here C refers to the current rules and regulations that servers strictly follow the guidelines and manufacturing procedures that are current and most up to date. cGMP enforced by the US Food and Drugs Administration(FDA). cGMP offers a system that tracks, designs, and controls manufacturing processes and equipment properly.

  1. Manufacturing must be done in a clean and hygienic place.
  2. Processes must be clearly defined and controlled.
  3. Personal hygiene conditions in order to prevent cross-contamination and protection.
  4. Processes must be controlled.
  5. Operators must be qualified and trained.
  6. Processes must follow the Good Documentation Practices.
  7. Ensure adequate and appropriate maintenance and cleaning.
  8. Monitor effectiveness of maintenance and sanitation.


A GMP audit is conducted to test companies production. Means to assess the product's consistency. GMP audits are designed to express a set of requirements and instructions about how these standards should be met.

Important of GMP

  1. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are systems created by the government to regulate the production, verification, and validation of medicine, food, medical devices, ensuring that finished products are safe for market distribution.
  2. It’s important to have GMPs because to ensure food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, and related products have no harmful substances.
  3. Poor quality medicine may contain toxic substances.

GMP Certification Process

Follow these simple steps to urge GMP Certificate in India

Step 1: Visit the GMP Certification registration Website.

Step 2: Fill the form and submit the documents that are asking for.

Step 3: Make an online payment.

Step 4: One among the registration executives will verify your documents and process your Registration Certification work.

Step 5: In a very few working days you will receive your certificate at your registered email address.

GMP Certification Documents Required

Below are the documents that you simply need to require for the certification. These are the requirements one should allocate, before applying.

  1. Pan card of the firm or applicant.
  2. Aadhaar card of the applicant.
  3. Business registration proof.
  4. Letterhead mentioned with the scope of work, sign, and stamp.

How Much Does GMP Certification Cost in India?

GMP Certification Cost In India through our portal is merely only Rs 8499/-. Feel free to contact our Certification, Consultant.

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