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CE Certification - Apply for CE Marking (NON-IAF)

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All about CE Marking

CE Marking is the symbol that shows on the various products which apply to the product that meets the European Union’s safety standards.

CE mark applies to a large number of products, such as electronics, toys, machinery, medical devices, and vehicles, as well as many construction products.

List of products on which you’ll see the CE mark.

  • RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances).
  • Low Voltage Directive.
  • Toy Safety Directive.
  • Personal Protective Equipment Directive.
  • Medical Devices Directive.
  • Machinery Directive.
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CE Marking Abbreviation

CE marking abbreviation is Conformitè Europëenne.

CE mark logo

A CE Mark Logo is a symbol that must be affixed to several products before they can be sold. This mark is answerable that the manufacturer's declaration that the product meets EU standards for health, safety, and environmental protection.

CE Marking Certification

CE Marking Certification - The Conformite Europeenne Certification mark beside the product which indicates compliance with health, safety, and environmental protection.

The CE Marking is required for many products which means that the manufacturer has checked that the products meet safety, health, and environmental requirements.

In Europe, there is a regulating authority called the EEA(European Economic Area) which means the European Economic Area. The European Economic Area EEA certifies the quality of their listed products. Companies which wanted to sell products located within the European Economic Area have to mandatorily obtain CE marking certification.

CE Marking Benefits

Listed all the advantages of CE Marking, for better understanding.

  1. CE marked products help your goods at no cost movement within the global market because it shows high safety standards for consumers and the environment.
  2. Helps the businesses to export your goods within the European market end up in a rise in your profit also because of the demand for the merchandise.
  3. The CE mark is an indication of production under the New Approach Directives published in the European Union.
  4. Consumers enjoy an identical level of health, safety, and environmental protection.
  5. Products below this level are considered to be unhealthy, insecure, and unqualified and should not be placed on the market.
  6. CE marking is well know standard for electrical and medical products and easily get approval in the market.
  7. Without any restriction, CE marking product can be traded in the international market.
  8. CE marked products are environment friendly.

CE Marking Certification Process

Follow these simple steps to urge CE Marking Certificate in India

Step 1 Visit the CE Marking Certificate Website.
Step 2 Fill the form and submit the documents that are asking for.
Step 3 Make the online payment for your CE marking Application.
Step 4 One among the CE marking registration executives will verify your documents and process your CE marking Registration Certification work.
Step 5 In a very few working days you will receive your CE marking certificate at your registered email address.

CE Marking Certification Documents Required

Below are the documents that you simply need to require for the CE marking certification. These are the CE marking requirements one should allocate, before applying.

  1. Pan card of the firm or applicant.
  2. Aadhaar card of the applicant.
  3. Business registration proof.
  4. Letterhead mentioned with the scope of work, sign and stamp.

How Much Does CE Marking Certification Cost in India?

CE Certification Cost In India through our portal is merely only Rs 9999/-. Feel free to contact our CE Marking Certification, Consultant.

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