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All about ISO 20000 Certification

With up to 80 per cent of most enterprises' information technology budgets specifically related to service management systems, a recent International Organization for Standardization / IEC standard that benchmarks such operation is projected to result in cost reductions for customers, whether large or small, as well as greater efficiency and better customer satisfaction. International Organization for Standardization / IEC 20000 issued by ISO ( International Organization for Standardization) and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) would allow companies to benchmark their capacity to provide managed services, calculate quality standards and performance assessments.

IT service providers are already under tremendous strain to provide high-quality service at minimal expense. Concerns have been expressed that IT resources are not compatible with the desires of the company and its clients, whether delivered by an in-house IT department or an external agency. International Organization for Standardization / IEC 20000 eliminates operating risk exposure, satisfies contractual and tendering criteria, shows the quality of service and delivers best value.

Whether you choose to achieve the highest internal or outsourced IT Service Management (ITSM) requirements you require ISO 20000 certification. The IT sector now commonly accepts this universal requirement as proof of excellence in all aspects of IT service provision. Through ensuring that your IT Service Management offerings are reliable, effective and sensitive, you would be granted a competitive advantage according to the ISO 20000 framework. An IT Service Management offers a technology-neutral platform to recognize, decide, execute and track effective, controlled resources. International Organization for Standardization / IEC 20000 provides globally recognised best practices across an integrated process approach intended to meet market and consumer needs.

ISO / IEC 20000 (ITIL) implementation will promote innovative work processes capable of providing high standards of customer service to meet their company needs. International Organization for Standardization / IEC 20000:, released in two sections under the general term, Information Technology-Service Management, would allow service providers to consider how to enhance the level of service offered both internally and externally to their customers. The International Organization for Standardization / IEC 20000 - 1 standard clearly lays out the structural requirements for an ITSMS from service preparation and service execution to resolution and release management, coupled with tools and controls in the lifecycle of service. The companion manual in implementation code ISO / IEC 20000 - 2 offers interpretive guidelines and suggestions for organisations adopting the standard.

ITIL is best practice guidelines but can not be certified against ITIL as a business. The standard is a specification that gives accreditation at company level to demonstrate the consistent use of best practice.

The usage of ITIL is not required by International Organization for Standardization 20000. Nonetheless, it is of course much better to explain best practice in IT Service Management because it is focused around the application of ITIL.

Benefits of ISO 20000

International Organization for Standardization 20000 will help the company benchmark your ITSM, improve facilities, demonstrate your capacity to satisfy consumer demands and build an independent evaluation framework.

Some of the most important advantages for service providers with International Organization for Standardization 20000 certification are that it is:

  • Provides competitive differentiation demonstrated by reliability and high service quality;
  • Gives exposure to key markets, as several public sector companies require their IT service providers to demonstrate conformity with International Organization for Standardization 20000;
  • Gives consumers confidence that their quality needs will be met;
  • Ensures a consistent degree of performance and a culture of continuous improvement by allowing service companies to track, evaluate and analyze their offerings and service management processes;
  • Helps optimize ITIL methods for resource and process optimisation.
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