ISO Certification - Who Can Get An ISO Certificate?

ISO Certification - Who Can Get An ISO Certificate?

All organizations can be accredited according to ISO Standards. All organizations are eligible for ISO Certification regardless of scale, nature, and type. Organizations may take ISO certification from Small Scale (even one person) to Large Scale Organizations.

What is the validity of the ISO Certificates?

The ISO Certificates validity is 3 years from the effective certification. The Validity is subject to the annual Surveillance Audit carried out by the Certification Body.

Types of ISO Certification

There are different types of ISO certification

  • ISO-50001-2011- Energy Management Systems
  • ISO-20000-2011- Information Technology Service Management
  • ISO-27001-2013- Information Security Management System
  • ISO-9001-2015- Quality Management System
  • ISO-14001-2015- Environmental Management System
  • OHSAS-18001-2007- Occupational Health and Safety Management System
  • ISO-22000-2005- Food Safety Management Systems
  • ISO-29990-2010- Learning Services for Non-Formal Education and Training
  • ISO-13485-2016- Medical Devices Quality Management
  • HACCP- Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

  • How to get certified:

    To become ISO Certified, the organization has to document and develop a comprehensive process of production and implement foolproof procedures for ensuring the Organization can meet the standards set by ISO.

    Following are the four essential steps to becoming an ISO Certified business:

    1. Development
      • Identification of the business process.
      • Documentation of processes along with the involvement of employees.
      • Approval, review, and distribution of documents among those who need access to it.
    2. Implementation
      • Making sure that procedures are being performed and followed as described in the documentation.
      • Using metrics to measure the performance of employees whenever possible.
      • Making sure that training of employees is taking place properly.
      • Establish a proper reporting system to cover testing, corrective actions, inspections, etc.
      • Reviewing the whole process and taking the necessary steps to improve the process.
    3. Verification
      • Conducting audits and reviewing the system and processes to ensure effectiveness.
      • Identify strengths and weaknesses and then report to management.
      • Taking necessary actions to ensure the proper functioning
    4. Registration
      • Select an external auditing body to initiate the registration process.
      • Submit the documentation for the review process.
      • Receiving a review from the external auditor to see if ISO requirements are being met.

    Apply for ISO Certification Online

    • Phase 1: Go to the ISO Certificate Registration Website.

    • Phase 2: Fill in all the details on the ISO Certification Registration Form.

    • phase 3: Make Payment Online for your ISO Registration Application.

    • Phase 4: One of the ISO registration executives will review your documents and process your official ISO certification work.

    • Phase 5: Within a few working days, you will get your ISO certificate at your registered email address.


    All organizations can be accredited and certified according to ISO Standards, regardless of scale, nature, and type. This certification is a valuable way to show your commitment to quality, environmental protection, and occupational health and safety.

    If you have any queries then just fill out the complaint form Our expert will contact you soon.

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