ISO certification in Indonesia

ISO Certification In Indonesia

The ISO Registrar in Indonesia is the leading consultant for certification service in Indonesia, offers ISO services, and is considered to be one of the main ISO certification bodies in Indonesia. The majority of big business companies in Indonesia depend on us for ISO certification. The first preference of customers for certified ISO certificates in Indonesia is the ISO Registrar.

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Why ISO Certification In Indonesia?

ISO is one of the main exports to the Asia-Pacific region in a country like Indonesia, which has a diversified sector; management norms such as ISO are well understood and embraced by these trading nations. Having ISO services to these industries will advance the current process and make up for the normal market and benefit from attracting attention not only from Asia-Pacific but also from other parts of the globe, hence ISO certification in Indonesia. Indonesia receives revenue from its vegetation, agriculture favors its climatic conditions, food industries contribute substantial profits, so ISO 22000 for Food Safety Management System, HACCP, GAP, FSSC 22000 are some of the food industry management standards. The service sector is also one of Indonesia's main revenue sources, with major operations under the accounting of the service sector and other BPO & KPO services; ISO 27001 ISMS, ISO 20000 ITSM, ISO 22301, VAPT, SOC, PCI DSS, Information Security Standards and Service Management System Standards are the primary enforcement of the service sector. Similarly, some of the industry-specific requirements are ISO 14001, 45001, 50001, so ISO certification in Indonesia.

Why Choose ISO Registrar In Indonesia?

At ISO Registrar, we understand the challenges in your sector, value-added certification auditing ISO Certification Service such as ISO 9001 certification in Indonesia, ISO 27001 certifications, etc, helps you conquer those challenges and improve business performance over time, the primary and most obvious advantage of choosing ISO Registrar is that your organization is immediately recognized and can use certification mark and logo with its certification status Please visit '' and receive the certificate given by us for foreign acceptance.

ISO Certification Process in Indonesia

As per the International ISO standard, we have a 100 percent assured systematic audit. We assume that ISO standards are the organization's metrics that can carry the organization to a very different level of performance in improvising processes within the organization if followed.

ISO Certification In Indonesia - ISO Standards

The ISO Registrar is the leading certification body in Indonesia that provides reliable and professional ISO certification services. As an ISO certification body, ISO Registrar has several experts to assist in conducting a certification audit of the management system in Indonesia, we have experts to track certification services for the following ISO Standards:

ISO 9001:2015 Indonesia Certification Service, ISO 14001:2015 Indonesia Certification Service, ISO 45001:2018 Indonesia Certification Service, OHSAS18001:2007 Indonesia Certification Service, ISO 22000:2018 Indonesia Certification Service, ISO 27001:2013 Indonesia Certification Service, ISO 13485:2016 Indonesia Certification Service, and many more.

Why we're the Best?

  • To ensure you get all the benefits of onsite and online consulting, local ISO consultants in Indonesia.
  • Expertise in recommending the right certification body that is cost-effective to suit your needs. The success of your ISO certification in Indonesia is thus ensured.
  • Experience in collaborating on various ISO standards with small-medium-large Indonesian organizations.
  • A robust network of partners in Indonesia to ensure your help in a regional language.
  • Business excellence from ISO Registrar will make the business global, too.
  • The ultimate competitive advantage will be given by our state-of-the-art certificates.
  • Our experts will assist you to have the industry-specific experience to optimize the processes for your established companies.
  • Focus on customer loyalty and risk management; direct tools to improve sales and reduce operating costs.
  • The specifications of government tenders are best understood by us. This will guarantee you the timely success of your ISO certification in Indonesia.

  • Contact us at: +91-8678846088

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