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ISO 29990:2010 - Education and Training Management

Is it true that you are a learning provider who offers non-formal education or training? At that time, ISO 29990 is that the correct quality administration for you. In the event that you are used as an assistance provider in learning and additional education, ISO 29990 offers itself as a reason for a top-quality administration framework. The universally perceived standard is like the quality administration standard ISO 9001, nonetheless, is focused on only learning specialist co-ops or specialty units of organizations that manage the subject of learning and education. In this blog, we will discuss briefly ISO 29990:2010 - Education and Training Management.

According to ISO 29990 is especially suitable for colleges, and universities, trade schools, educational institutes, and academies, in-house training facilities, vocational schools, etc. The main target of the ISO 29990 standard is learning programs and processes.

ISO 29990:2010 is the principal standard created by ISO specialized board of trustees ISO/TC 232, Learning administrations for non-formal education and training.

Non-Formal Education and training-providers shall consider the effectiveness of training through well recognizing of their client’s assumptions and this expects them to be all the more communicating with their clients and furthermore their representatives. While understanding and designing the training services to meet their customers’ expectations, they also need to evaluate, monitor and improve their competency to deliver high-quality services by regularly measuring the effectiveness of their customers.

ISO 29990 is divided into two segments: learning services and management at the learning service provider. ISO 29990 Standard is the main Standard for learning providers that is legitimate and applied on an international level.

The significance of education and training has increased considerably over recent years – and the number of service providers in this area has also grown. ISO 29990 focuses on learning and improvement of the learning process. The standard is important to instructors and students and each one of the individuals who are keen on fruitful schooling and preparing.

Benefits for Service Providers

  • Successful certification provides proof of quality.
  • The better start position for approval.
  • International marketability.
  • Process optimization (P-D-C-A).
  • Clearly outlined and documented processes.
  • Development of internal quality capability.
  • Motivation and active team participation within the amendment processes.

Benefits for Learners

  • Transparency/comparability of services on the proposal.
  • Transparency/comparability across national borders.
  • Reliability of training courses on offer.
  • Information on evaluation criteria for courses.
  • Optimized processes.
  • Improved learning atmosphere.
  • Assured resources, including trainers, with suitable competence.

Benefits for International Cooperation

  • A common understanding of quality.
  • No distortion of the competitive market.
  • International comparable benchmarks for the development of quality.
  • Global practically identical benchmarks for the advancement of value.
  • The reason for the improvement of additional particular prerequisites for worldwide. participation in the zone of Education and training

What are the main objectives of ISO 29990?

The standard uses the term "learning services" instead of "training", "seminar", "course" or "teaching" to focus on the learner and the results. The main objectives of ISO 29990 are:

  • General administration needs strategy and business management
  • Management review
  • Preventive measures and corrective actions
  • Financial management and risk management
  • Personnel management
  • Internal and external communication management
  • Resource management
  • Internal audits
  • Feedback from interested and affected parties
  • Identify the educational desires
  • Design of the learning opportunities
  • Delivery of learning services
  • Monitoring the implementation of learning services
  • Evaluation by learning providers
  • Evaluation of the learning
  • Evaluation of learning services

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