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Can An Individual be Certified by ISO Standard 9001?

Who is eligible for ISO 9001 certification?

ISO Standard 9001 is an internationally recognized Quality Management System(QMS), which is used to describe the quality of the fabric, food, etc. ISO is not a personal Standard, it is specifically designed to keep up the sustainability of an organization within the market. However, an individual can not be ISO Certified but an individual can become an ISO Standard 9001 Certified Lead Auditor. ISO is a network of standards-based national bodies.

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The primary responsibility of a lead auditor in an organization is to lead the audit team in a systematic way. They are involved in preparing the audit plan, delivering the meetings, and checking whether the audit report is submitted or not. Apart from that, the lead auditor is responsible for providing the accuracy and quality of the audit team's work daily.

The three primary steps for becoming an ISO 9001 Lead Auditor are as given below:-

  1. Ensure good prior experience -

    Ensuring good prior experience means, that if you want to perform process audits, you first have to understand the different implementations of a top-quality management system as a lead auditor. Because the entire process is inspected by process audits, not just the written report of a process.

  2. Attend ISO 9001 lead auditor training -

    This includes that you must attend all the training sessions of the lead auditor. This training session is four to five days long. And also if you skip any of its sessions, then you will not be allowed to write the exam. In this training, passing the exam is compulsory, but it is also mandatory to attend each session.

  3. Find a Certification body -

    Once you meet the above criteria, you will find a certification body that requires certification auditors, but it will not be enough to only find a certification body. Before you become qualified to become a lead auditor, each certification body may have the training you need to complete, such as first observing audits, and then becoming an audit team member. Before you can lead the team, you need to obtain expertise as a credentialed auditor, since this is different from any internal auditing you might have done.

For ISO 9001 Certification Registration, following steps are as given below :-

  1. Visit the ISO Registration Portal.

  2. Enter the details on the ISO Certification Registration Form. Proceed for Online Payment

  3. One of our ISO Registration executives will check your documentation and process your ISO certification work.

  4. You will get your ISO Certificate at your registered email address within a few working days.


Can an individual be ISO Certified? No! While an individual cannot be ISO Certified, an individual can become an ISO Standard 9001 Certified Lead Auditor. The primary responsibility of a lead auditor is to lead the audit team in a systematic way, ensuring that all areas of the organization meet the required standards.

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